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Marriage media are now springing up like mushrooms in the city of Dhaka. Sometimes news of fraudulent activities is also reported. So, can you tell me which is the best marriage media in Bangladesh?

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I think Bandhan Media is the best Marriage Media in Bangladesh. There are many matrimonial websites now a days. But many of them are fraud. Whereas Bandhan Media is doing matchmaking business for about 50 years. Its owner Golam Faruk Maula, commonly known as Maula Vai, is a legendary figure in matchmaking business. He has managed to give marriage to over 18000 people. Moreover, Bandhan Media has a large, well decorated office at the prime location of Dhaka city. You will find thousands of CVs of qualified brides and grooms from all sectors of the society. You can visit the website of Bandhan Media by clicking here.

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